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Are we informed about paper boxes wholesale weight and volume after shipment?

Tianci Printing&Packaging provides cargo weight and volume after shipment of paper boxes wholesale. If you did not get it, please contact our Customer Service. It's wise both for you and us to understand how shipping fees are calculated. We are able to creatively combine your packages to simplify logistics and cut your shipping costs.
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Shenzhen Tianci printing&packaging CO., LTD has a long history, with its Windowing packaging product and technology in the leading position. The printing and packaging companies series is widely praised by customers. Tianci printing&packaging folding carton manufacturers is endowed with an attractive look and captivating design. People will find that this product stands up to frequent washing and numerous times of wear, not fading or becoming dingy.
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Our company is striving for green manufacturing. Our manufacturing systems maximize the use of raw materials and ensure the efficient use of natural resources to reduce our environmental footprint and customers'.

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