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How about the Tianci corrugated boxes packaging rejection rate?

We take several measures to keep the rejection rate of Tianci Printing&Packaging corrugated boxes packaging as low as possible. At present, we have achieved practical and effective outcomes. Almost all customers consider the product quality the first, so we pay extreme attention to the use of raw materials and the production process, so as to improve product quality. We pack the products with sturdy enough packages to ensure their "trip" the safest. Moreover, we try our best to provide customers with the most unforgettable and worry-free experience. Professional service including logistics tracking service is available in Tianci. Once customers' expectation is met, we believe that the rejection rate will be very low or even down to zero.
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Shenzhen Tianci printing&packaging CO., LTD plays an nationwide leading role in corrugated boxes packaging production. The corrugated boxes packaging series has many styles to meet the diversified needs of customers. Tianci printing&packaging corrugated boxes packaging is precisely manufactured using premium materials and leading-edge techniques. This product has comprehensive functionality and high performance.
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Our company bears social responsibilities. Sustainability is achieved in our company through an appropriate balance of environmental stewardship, financial stability, and community involvement.

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