How to go through the wholesale packaging boxes customization?

The customization service flow of wholesale packaging boxes involves pilot design, sample production, volume manufacturing, quality assurance, packaging and on-time delivery. Customers provide their requirements like color, size, material, and processing technique to our designers, and all of the data is used in the pilot design to form an initial design concept. We produce samples to check out the feasibility of production, which are sent to customers for review. After customers confirm the sample quality, we start to produce the required quantities of products. Finally, the finished products are packed and shipped to the destination timely.

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Shenzhen Tianci Printing&Packaging printing&packaging CO., LTD is sophisticated in manufacture high quality Windowing packaging products. We will show you the Windowing packaging series that is most popular with customers. The professional production team ensures the accurate production of Tianci printing&packaging Windowing packaging. Having no need to sun drying to a certain extent, the food can be directly put into this product to dehydrate without the worry that the water vapor will damage the product.

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Our company bears social responsibilities. We have developed a comprehensive concept of sustainability management, in order to protect the natural resources now and in the future.

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