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How to place an order on custom boxes wholesale?

Contact our Customer Service if you want to place an older for custom boxes wholesale. For your benefit, we will have agreements in pace that state clearly how each situation is to be resolved. Every detail (no matter how seemingly minuscule the detail might be) such as delivery dates, warranty terms, material specs will be stated in contract.  For us, it is very important for both you and us to have a well defined and mutually agreed Contract in place. Wishing you successful China sourcing!
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Shenzhen Tianci Printing&Packaging printing&packaging CO., LTD has embarked on a sustained drive to build world leading folding carton manufacturers supplier. We will show you the printing and packaging companies series that is most popular with customers. Tianci printing&packaging folding carton manufacturers is designed & manufactured by using top-quality material and advanced tools & equipment in conformity with the industry standards. Its quality and performance have the highest priority over sales objective and expense issues.
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In order to protect our environment, we work to limit the production of waste and recycle waste when possible and we manage waste treatment in each of our production sites.

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