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What about CFR/CNF of custom boxes wholesale?

Please consult our Customer Support concerning the CFR/CNF for specific items. We'll clarify the terms and conditions immediately if we start our discussion, and to get everything in writing, so there's no doubt on what's been agreed upon. In case you have any doubts on picking Incoterms, our sales specialists could help!
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Shenzhen Tianci Printing&Packaging printing&packaging CO., LTD always leads the Windowing packaging field in China. We will show you the Windowing packaging series that is most popular with customers. Tianci printing&packaging printing and packaging companies is made of materials that are purchased from dependable and certified suppliers. Various tests are conducted so that it functions in the desired manner.
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Our goal is to provide consistent customer delight. We are putting efforts on providing innovative products at the highest level.

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