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What about CIF of custom boxes wholesale?

Please consult our Customer Service about the CIF for specific items. We will clarify the terms and conditions right away when we start our negotiation, and to get everything in writing, so there is never any doubt on what has been agreed upon. If you are confused which Incoterms is better for in terms of costs, trade margins, supply chain efficiencies, time limits, etc, our sales experts could help!
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Shenzhen Tianci Printing&Packaging printing&packaging CO., LTD is a large printing and packaging companies supplier. We will show you the Windowing packaging series that is most popular with customers. In its production, we attach great importance to reliability and quality. The best way to keep the nutrient is by dehydrating the food water content, compared to food drying, canning, freezing, and salting, said the nutritionists.
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We conduct our business responsibly and sustainably. We make efforts to source our materials responsibly and sustainably with respect for the environment.

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