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Which wholesale packaging boxes company doing OBM?

In China, OBM is now developing rapidly. Many wholesale packaging boxes manufacturers retail their own branded products that are either the entire products or component parts produced by a second company. Tianci Printing&Packaging is such a manufacturer. The OBMs will be responsible for everything including the production and development, supply chain, delivery and the marketing. The partnership with the OBMs will help sustain the business development.
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Tianci printing&packaging is a world-leading supplier of folding carton manufacturers. The Windowing packaging series is widely praised by customers. The improved production efficiency ensures Tianci printing&packaging Windowing packaging is given a more competitive price. The food can be preserved for a long time. This has been proved by our customers who use this product for over 2 years.
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As the company philosophy, honesty is our first principle to our customers. We promise to abide by the contracts and offer clients the actual products that we promised.

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