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On this page, you can find quality content focused on birthday gift ideas. You can also get the latest products and articles that are related to birthday gift ideas for free. If you have any questions or want to get more information on birthday gift ideas, please feel free to contact us.

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Teen's Golden Birthday Gift Ideas
A "golden birthday" is a recent concept. It isn't the 50th birthday, as you might expect, but the birthday that has the same numerical value as the day of the month you were born. So a teenager turning 15 on the 15th of the month would be celebrating his golden birthday. Since a golden birthday occurs only once in a person's lifetime it's a special occasion deserving of special recognition. The best way to honor the significance of a golden birthday is with a gift that is actually made from gold. Examples of golden gifts include gold jewelry such as necklaces, charms, bracelets and earrings. You can also buy golden keepsakes such as key chains, picture frames or money clips. If you are on a budget, consider golden gifts made from faux gold such as costume jewelry or creative gifts such as chocolates wrapped in gold foil. Teenagers celebrating their golden birthday will appreciate gifts with a personal touch that help to commemorate the special occasion. Consider metallic photo frames and key chains that have been engraved with a personal birthday message and the date of their golden birthday. Custom-embroidered t-shirts, baseball caps and other apparel items make good gifts to celebrate a golden birthday. Sometimes the best gifts are the ones that are made with care, so consider making a fun scrapbook filled with old photos, memories and inside jokes. Birthstones are precious stones that traditionally signify your birth month. A good way to celebrate the specialness of a golden birthday is to give a gift containing the teenager's birthstone to be a keepsake of the day that she was born. Birthstones are typically used in jewelry such as pendants, earrings, charm bracelets and rings. A majority of birthstone jewelry is geared towards females, so for teenage boys a birthstone key chain may be better. A fun way to celebrate a teenager's golden birthday is with a copy of a newspaper from the day that he was born. Teenagers will be interested to see what historical events were taking place on the day they were born and how our culture has changed since then. Commemorative newspapers can be presented in a personalized frame or given as is to trick the teenager into thinking it's a current newspaper. You can even have the newspaper made into a jigsaw puzzle, adding another level of fun.
Personalized Birthday Gift Ideas for Kids
Birthday parties are bigger and better than ever for kids these days and it seems like gift giving becomes more and more of a challenge with every passing year. What do you get the child that has everything or the child that you may not know very well? Personalized gifts are always a hit. Children love to see their name in print and there is a huge variety of fun and interesting gifts available on the web as long as you have a few weeks notice. Personalized does not have to mean expensive either. Many stationery store sites sell fun children's stickers, both traditional paper stickers and vinyl stickers. The vinyl stickers are generally waterproof and can be used for bottles, sippy cups, food containers, and notebooks just to name a few. They come in a wide variety of designs for boys and girls. Another favorite is the personalized step stool with wooden puzzle-like letters spelling the child's name. It not only serves as a tool for small children to reach the bathroom sink, but they can actually remove the letters and work on spelling their name. There are several cute designs out there, most popular, pastel colored names for girls and primary colored names for boys. Many people overlook personalized stationery items for children as well. Things like personalized notepads, note cards and address labels are fun gifts for both the child and parent. Personalized note cards and address labels are perfect for sending thank-you notes after the party or correspondence to grandparents or teachers. There is something to be said, in this world of electronic communication, for learning how to write and send a hand-written note. Everyone still likes to get snail mail. For mealtime, there are tons of personalized kid's plates and placemats available. Several sites carry melamine plates and laminated placemats that can be personalized with a child's name. These are easy to clean and come in a huge variety of designs for everyday, holidays and even special designs for the birthday boy or girl's big day. And last, but not least, luggage tags are perfect for backpacks, gym bags, dance bags, computer cases and yes, luggage. Designs are available that represent just about any activity or interest. Luggage tags usually include up to three lines of text. Keep in mind that a name and phone number only may be the best way to personalize a child's luggage tag. Including an address may be considered too much information. These or any other personalized gifts you may find will definitely be remembered for the consideration and thought put into choosing a customized present. That will last much longer than the latest, greatest toy trend for both child and parent.
Birthday Gift Ideas for a 90-Year-Old Male
Believe it or not, there are a few things a 90-year-old man doesn't already have. The key to giving a meaningful birthday gift he'll appreciate is giving him something he can use. Opt for functional gifts that make life more convenient. From T-shirts to household goods, choose something practical with a hint of luxury that appeals to the senior lifestyle with a sense of masculinity. For the man who drinks coffee, set up a coffee station in his bedroom. Locate the station near a water source such as a bathroom or laundry room sink. Include everything he'll need to start the day with a station that makes the morning brew as easy as pushing a button. Set the station near his bed and use a small table or cabinet where coffee and filters can be stored for easy access. Place the coffee maker on top of the table with a vase full of simple flowers. You can also purchase colorful, sturdy mugs to match his bedroom decor. For the ultimate convenience, opt for a coffee maker with a timer for pre-setting the morning brew to start automatically. Include a waste basket for filter disposal and, if creamer is necessary, purchase a mini-refrigerator and stock it with flavored creamers. Purchase a baseball cap or T-shirt with a printed quote. Choose a quote with a sense of humor and a touch a class. For example, on his 90th birthday, Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr saw an attractive woman and said, "Oh, to be 70 again." You can also use a quote expressing a lighthearted outlook on life such as Jack Benny's, "Age is strictly a case of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter." Whatever quote you choose, have it printed in durable, washable letters that can withstand regular washing. For the handyman who can never find his flashlight, give a multi-purpose rechargeable flashlight featuring a tripod stand for projects requiring both hands. Seniors often pride themselves on feeling independent and self-sufficient. A quality rechargeable flashlight encourages independence and comes in handy during power outages. You can also purchase a few smaller flashlights for different areas of the home such as the kitchen, bedroom and garage where multiple outlets provide easy access.
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